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Learn what Jerry has learned from top name celebrities!

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Why Jerry?

25 years of sales and sales training experience
As a certified coach, he motivates, teaches and trains
Jerry will share insights with your team that he gained from close association with highly successful people, including Academy Award and Grammy Winners, Super Bowl and World Series Champions, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Legends, Best-selling Authors, Olympians, Boxing, UFC World Champions and even Billionaires
He works with the business owners, sales managers and sales reps
He teaches new skills and techniques for handling objections
He will get your sales team motivated, out of their rut and producing increased revenues quickly


About the Book

The International Best Selling BookThe Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams shares insights and wisdom from Academy Award and Grammy Winners, Super Bowl and World Series Champions, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Legends, Best-selling Authors and Billionaires, Olympians, Boxing and UFC World Champions...

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The Common Thread Success Academy was founded to passionately give its strongest efforts, experience, techniques and training to individuals and organizations who are committed to reaching their fullest potential through on-line courses and One-on-One coaching.

That information is now being offered in a series of life-changing self-study courses available to you online, including:

Lighting Your Motivational Fire
"Sparking Your Inner Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life"

· Module 1: “Creating a Fire” – A Way to Define Motivation
· Module 2: What Sparks Your Motivation Fire
· Module 3: Building Your Successful Fire
· Module 4: What to Do When Your Flame Subsides
· Module 5: Rekindling the Fire
· Module 6: Locking in Your Motivation Fire

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Silencing the Enemy Within
"Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Full Potential"

· Module 1: Understanding Your Two Lives
· Module 2: Discover Your Enemy Within
· Module 3: The Enemy’s Tactics
· Module 4: Your Road to Your Ultimate Self
· Module 5: Stopping the Enemy Dead in its Tracks
· Module 6: How to Be Your Own Best Friend

$ 199 - Special Offer - Now Only $ 49


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