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The Common Thread
of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams

What if there were a set of skills, characteristics, and qualities that ran through the greatest achievers within our society?

What if these skills, if studied, could be identified, and then implemented into our daily activities, to elevate our ability to reach goals, maintain success, and truly change our lives to be more productive and accomplished?

The International Best Selling BookThe Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams is a compilation and study in these very specific qualities that super achievers around the world possess. Whether it is Mark Cuban, Gloria Gaynor, Sylvester Stallone, or Muhammad Ali, these seemingly different people have more in common than any of us may think. By studying their success (and failure), I have had the exciting opportunity to truly dive deep into the heart and souls of the game-changers featured in the book.

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And through interviewing and working with many of these people, I began to see patterns. Resilience, Grit, Determination, Diligence, and the ability to overcome Adversity were just a few of the traits I saw amongst people that did it in their own way. When I started the journey, my instincts told me there would be similarities; however, even I was surprised to find that a musician like Snoop Dogg and an Emmy Award-winning TV commentator like Bill O’Reilly actually have a lot in common. Sure, their voyages were unique to their own. And the matter in which they have achieved their individual success is quite different from one another. But if you stripped them down to their fundamental basic elements, the fabric of their DNA, you’d begin to see some pretty significant similarities.

The Common Thread not only highlights the journey of fifty amazing individuals from diverse backgrounds and upbringings, but answers very specific questions like:

• How do they handle competition?

• How do they stay passionate?

• How do they rebound from setbacks and defeat?

• What was the "turning point" in their lives?

• What is their insight to what holds people back and what recommendations would they give to others to help move their lives forward?

• What daily habits and strategies do they use?


As the answers poured in, the similarities began to grow. The Common Thread is a remarkable study in achievement. It is sort of like a science experiment that yielded life-changing results. As I reviewed each interview and experience, I gained more insight and a clearer lens into the lives of those that achieved an astounding amount of success. The outcome was truly inspirational and uncovered inner secrets, personal strategies and passionate revelations.

For readers, the results reveal life-changing possibilities. As they turn the pages, they will find themselves immersed in a variety of special stories of success and greatness. As each story develops, so will the very distinct and exciting similarities.

We all have an incredible desire to improve our own lives and the lives of those around us. By studying and implementing the common threads and skills that this group of amazing people used to reach their goals, readers will have a powerful resource at their fingertips that will empower them and act as a guide, as a tool, to dramatically improve the likelihood of succeeding in any undertaking. The Common Thread will help keep you on track during challenging times while you pursue your dreams and goals.

The Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams explains where these highly successful individuals started from, and makes it easy to realize that a new attitude, a new vision that says “Yes, I can do it” is there for the taking.


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"The Common Thread Book is awesome! Jerry Gladstone shows how we all are meant for success."

Gloria Gaynor, "The Queen of Disco"