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Each course is enhanced by the guiding hand of the Common Thread Success Academy founder, International Coach Federation Certified Life and Success Coach, Jerry Gladstone.


Learn through exclusive videos, audio, activity sheets, priceless behind the scene interviews from celebrities featured in The Common Thread book, plus additional bonus materials.

  • Each course is fully downloadable and mobile friendly.
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Lighting Your Motivation Fire

“Sparking Your Inner Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life”

Module 1: “Creating a Fire” – A Way to Define Motivation
(Includes a 52-minute exclusive audio interview with a renowned TV talk show host)
Module 2: What Sparks Your Motivation Fire
(Video: "Understanding Your Why")
Module 3: Building Your Successful Fire
Module 4: What to Do When Your Flame Subsides
Module 5: Rekindling the Fire
Module 6: Locking in Your Motivation Fire
Bonus Material

Sample Video

Simple Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination

“The Art of Getting Things Done Now”

Module 1: The Procrastination Monster
Module 2: Recognizing and Destroying Procrastination
(Includes exclusive audio celebrity interview )
Module 3: The Art of Getting Things Done Now
(Video: "Destroying Procrastination")
Module 4: Avoiding Procrastination in Everyday Life
Module 5: Locking in the Simple Strategies to Overcoming Procrastination
Bonus Material

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Silencing the Enemy Within

“Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Full Potential”

Module 1: Understanding Your Two Lives
(Video: "Overcoming Self-Sabotage")
Module 2: Discover Your Enemy Within
(Audio: "Identifying Your Enemy Within")
Module 3: The Enemy’s Tactics
(Includes an exclusive 21-minute audio interview with a Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Member)
Module 4: Your Road to Your Ultimate Self
Module 5: Stopping the Enemy Dead in its Tracks
Module 6: How to Be Your Own Best Friend
Bonus Material

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Your Pathway to Courage, Risks and Rewards

  • Module 1: Taking a Chance and Making a Mistake - Video: “Learn From UFC Legend Randy The Natural Couture How To Take A Chance And Change Your Life”
  • Module 2: Discovering a New Attitude Toward Taking Chances
  • Module 3: Why We Avoid Taking Risks and What You Can Do About It
  • Module 4: What You Gain from Taking Chances
  • Module 5: The Importance of Belief in Yourself
  • Module 6: Locking in Your Pathway to Courage, Risks and Rewards

Confident You!

“Leap Outside Your Comfort Zone and Achieve What You Want”

Module 1: What is Confidence?
(Video: "How Superachievers Use Visualization to Breakthrough Any and All Challenges")
Module 2: Your Confidence Boosters
(includes 21-minute exclusive audio interview with Olympic Gold Medalist)
Module 3: Confidence Zappers
Module 4: “Your Breakthrough” is Who You Really Are
(Video: "Be Who You Are, Not a Knock-off of Someone Else")
Module 5: Using Your Unique Energy to Overcome
Module 6: Developing “Your Own Confidence Quote”
Bonus Material

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Start Your Goals, Achieve Your Goals on Your Way to Greatness!

“Your Breakthrough to Defining and Achieving Your Goals”

Module 1: Discover What You Want in Your Life
(Includes an exclusive audio interview with a civilian astronaut)
Module 2: The Power of the Questions We Ask – And the Answers We Get
(Video: "Your Mindset for Reaching Your Goals")
Module 3: Visioning – What is it and Why it’s Important
Module 4: Getting From Point A to Point B
(Video: "Step-by-Step Reaching Your Goals")
Module 5: How to Unleash the Power of Your Vision and Goals
(Video: "Deliberate Practice-The Secret Behind Super Achievers")
Module 6: Developing “Your Own Visioning Quote”
Bonus Material

Sample Video

The A to Z's of Success

  • Module 1: What is My Definition of Success - Video: Established Your Winning Mindset
  • Module 2: “The Success Route”
  • Module 3: How to Begin Your Personal Success Journey
  • Module 4: What You Need to Continue Your Journey
  • Module 5: There’s Just One More Step…The Step to the Top!

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