“Old School Success for the Millennial Generation is a must read for anybody who wants to achieve greatness!”

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar, UFC Lightweight Champion
Frankie has spent more time in the Octagon than any other fighter


“The Millennial generation craves mentorship and is eager to improve themselves personally and professionally. Jerry fills that need with real-world advice and practical solutions for this next generation to live and thrive.”

Gabrielle Bosché, Bestselling Author “The Millennial Solution”

“Just like a world champion fighter needs a great coaches, Jerry Gladstone and his new book, Old School for Success for the Millennial Generation & Beyond provides the techniques, strategies and mindset to be a champion in life!

Jessica “Jag:) ”Aguilar UFC Fighter, Former WSOF Strawweight Champion, WMMA Pioneer

“As Millennials we live in unpredictable times with unique challenges— this book has lessons that help us bring out the best in ourselves, even through this chaos. Gladstone emphasizes that old school hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears are still the secret recipe for success. It’s enlightening— embracing an old school mantra with a new school twist.”

Charles “Boston Strong” Rosa -Ultimate Fighting Championship Veteran

“Instead of isolating the differences which more often disconnect the “Old School” and the Millennial generation, Jerry Gladstone opens up intergenerational dialogue and does so seamlessly. Jerry offers a new generation the enduring principles and tenets that guided those to the apex of their chosen disciplines; and does this while elucidating to the millennials, their limitless potential. This intergenerational connection is long overdue and Gladstone does this perfectly in Old School Success for the Millennial Generation & Beyond.”

Tony Ricci, Ed.D, MS. FISSN, CSCS, PES, CES, CNS Athletic Performance & Performance Psychology Coach.


“Somehow, Jerry Gladstone has gotten dozens of famous people to candidly discuss their successes and failures. It is the cautionary tales that separate The Common Thread from other books of its kind. You will learn a lot, you will not be bored!”

“After spending 12 years in the NFL dealing with a variety of personalities and characters while being named to 3 Pro Bowls, all NFL twice and 2 Super Bowl Championships, you learn how to play judge and jury. You learn in order to win championships one must dive into teamwork with both feet and lead with every ounce of energy.This is what Jerry Gladstone’s leadership skills speak to. The crew at The Common Thread Group are alike and I am quite certain working with them you are destined for success.”

Leonard Marshall
All Pro NFL and 2x Super Bowl Champion

“I have had not only the pleasure, but the absolute blessing of knowing Jerry Gladstone for the past 2 years. The very first time I saw him, his mere presence caught my attention, and drew me to want to get to know him. He had this incredibly strong, positive, and intensely driven energy about him. I knew there was something very special about him. Upon having the honor of being interviewed by Jerry for his book, ‘The Common Thread,’ I got the opportunity to get to know this incredible man on a much deeper and spiritual level.

Over the past two years I am grateful to say that our friendship has grown, and not only has Jerry been a friend to me, but has been a mentor, a teacher, a supporter, and my ‘go-to man’ whenever I needed guidance on many different aspects of the adversities life throws at you. Jerry offers a caring and fresh perspective on things, he opens his heart to your difficulties, and opens your mind to all the many solutions and possibilities that lie ahead for you. With a burning desire within him to achieve more in life, he sparks the inferno that lies within you to not only to achieve more, but to never be satisfied, and KNOW what you are truly capable of.”

Ann Marie Saccurato
Three-time WBC Boxing Lightweight World Champion

“The Common Thread Book is awesome! Jerry Gladstone shows how we all are meant for success.”

Gloria Gaynor
“The Queen of Disco”

“I am thrilled to be part of “The Common Thread!” Both Garfield and I have had the privilege to work with Jerry Gladstone over the years. With his winning attitude and the many stories Jerry has shared in his book, there is no doubt we can all benefit and be empowered to reach our fullest potential.”

Jim Davis
Emmy award-winner and creator of “Garfield”

“The Common Thread book is like a three point shot for anybody looking to win at the game of success!”

Keith Askins
3x NBA Champion

“If you’re looking for a guy full of motivation and enthusiasm to help others, then you’ve found the right guy in Jerry Gladstone and his organization!”

Randy “The Natural” Couture
UFC Three-time Heavyweight champion, two-time Light Heavyweight champion

“I very much enjoyed the interview with Jerry and his book ‘The Common Thread’… I have no doubt you will be inspired!”

Evander Holyfield
Cruiser Heavyweight world boxing champion, Olympian

“If you’re looking to get real strategies to make real productive and positive changes in your life, then ‘The Common Thread’ is a must-read!”

Dan Caldwell – Aka “Punk Ass”
Founder and President of TapouT

“There is a life plan for all of us. Too many people try to live a life that is not theirs. I think it is masterful what Jerry Gladstone does in his book “The Common Thread,” to take the thoughts that we all have in our heads and then to place them into the context of our own individual game plan, our own action plan for success.”

“In Jerry Gladstone’s book “The Common Thread Of Over Coming Adversity and Living Your Dreams ” he has masterfully captured the insight of the most successful people on how they overcame obstacles and how they have persevered to attain their success.  Share in their secrets and how they overcome their individual hurdles to achieve their dreams. This book is an insightful guide on what to do when you hit obstacles, how to overcome others negativity and stay focused on your goals the way the most successful people have done. This book will inspire you to take action and forge a path toward your personal and professional success and has made me realize we all have what it takes within us, sometimes we just need the tools to start the work, that is what Jerry’s book is, your tool. It is now your time to find your “common thread”, to get past the fear and limitations that hold you back from achieving your greatness.”

Duane Perkins, Director Wheel Passion
Youth Scholarship Organization, Danbury, Connecticut

“What The Common Thread of over Coming Adversity and Living Your Dreams will bring is UNDERSTANDING. What I mean by that is people look at people for what they do no matter if it is Entertainment or Sports. Most people want to be the people that they see or hear about from others or in the media. What they do not UNDERSTAND is who these people are and where they come from This lets them know that we all have the same starting block out of the gate. What we do with our cards we are dealt is what separates us from achieving anything in life. With your book you have given us a platform and a road map to never given up on DREAM CHASING.”

Stephen “Stix” Josey
Producer/Director/Writer & Actor

If the old adage is true “It’s not what you know but who…” than the author of ‘The Common Thread’ Jerry Gladstone certainly has “it”. He knows countless successful and influential movers and shakers. But it doesn’t end there. He also has “it” himself. The “it” is what Gladstone refers to as “the common thread” that runs through just about everyone who has ever had to overcome hardship or adversity to create success in their life. In The Common Thread he artfully interviews dozens of Hollywood’s A list, super athletes and chronic over achievers and manages to get to that thin piece of cloth that is the common thread between all of them.

The book is filled with inspiring stories, real life anecdotes and nuggets of wisdom that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Tom Terwilliger, Mr. America
Bestselling Author of 7 Rules of Achievement

“Jerry Gladstone gets the ‘Common Thread’ of GREATNESS.

He knows it’s not a gift, it’s not an accident, it’s not a naturally ability, and Jerry knows it’s not good luck.

The Common Thread of Over Coming Adversity and Living Your Dreams provides the seamless commonality of greatness.

Jerry helps us all recognize that greatness is all about redefining and forging the human will and the willingness to be great; the willingness to outwork talent!!

It is an honor for me to know Jerry”

Juan Carlos Santana
World class performance and fitness trainer

“I have known and trained with Jerry Gladstone for more than twenty-five years. His leadership and warrior mentality are second to none. I awarded Jerry his black belt after 10 years of hard-core training. Jerry was an outstanding student, and in turn became a great martial arts instructor.”

Sensei Anthony Arango
Chief instructor, Martial Arts Institute of New York

“If you are looking for a coach that can help you get where you are to where you want to be you’re in good hands with my friend at the Common Thread Group Jerry Gladstone “

Bill Germanakos
Winner – Season 4 – NBC’S ” The Biggest Loser”

“People search for ways to succeed and achieve; they will find the answers they seek in “The Common Thread.” Through well-known celebrities they admire and respect, the reader will see a little of themselves in this book, motivating and guiding them to pursue their dreams.”

Mike Eruzione
Captain, 1980 “Miracle on Ice” USA gold medal hockey team

“The Common Thread book is a great project…the interview with Jerry was insightful and I believe it can really make an impact on people looking for more out of life “

Dave Diehl
NY Giant 2 x Super Bowl Champion


“Great concept Jerry put together with the ‘The Common Thread’ book. Should be a great read.”

Montel Williams
Talk show host, Actor

“I know Jerry Gladstone for the better part of 20 years both in business and personally. I also know he has gone through his own personal trials and tribulations in his own life. The character he showed at the darkest moments is something that should not only be admired but passed on to as many people in his coaching practice.”

Ari Goldman
President, Choice Collectibles

I have had the opportunity over the years to represent some of the top icons and athletes including; Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Hulk Hogan and “Smokin Joe” Frazier. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with Jerry Gladstone and his staff. They are a great group and always professional.

Darren Prince
Prince Marketing Group


“Jerry Gladstone and his team have been indispensable over the many years I have worked with them.”

Dan Mackin
Artist, “The Paradise Collection,” Surfing Hall of Fame

“I have worked with Jerry and his organization over the years, and have found them to be a true first-class operation.”

“Suga” Rashad Evans
UFC Light Heavyweight champion

“I have known Jerry and his wonderful staff for more than two decades, on a personal and business level. They are a great group of people that will inspire you to be the very best you can be!”

Don Oriolo
President/Artist, Felix The Cat Productions

“I am glad Jerry put this book ‘The Common Thread’ together to help others deal with life’s adversities.”

Ann Rosenheck
Holocaust survivor

“The Common Thread is a perfect read for those who want to hit great heights of success!”

Moti Horenstein
Martial Arts Grand Master

“It is fascinating to know what makes people tick. I can learn a lot from the Common Thread book!”

Ivy Larson
Healthy lifestyle coach, Author of The Whole Foods Diet Cookbook

“We all do have common threads in our life. People have common ways of doing things. It is comforting to know that others have struggled and there are ways to overcome.”

David Metzler
Emmy winner, TV Producer

“I would like to say dealing with the Jerry and his company has been nothing short of a true pleasure!”

Kevin F.
Muhammad Ali’s Signing Manager

“I have gotten to know Jerry and his team over the years and I find it easy to say they truly are a great group of people that can get the job done.”

Jordan Sherwood
ESPN On-Air Personality
Bill O’Reilly
Bestselling author and host of the Fox News channel program, The O’Reilly Factor