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Meet Jerry Gladstone

Author Jerry Gladstone is considered to be an expert in helping people overcome adversity, building self-worth and is described by some as “America’s Master Motivator.”  Jerry has used his abilities as a business consultant, author, motivational speaker, and success coach (certified by the International Coach Federation) to enhance the lives of others. He is also the founder of The Common Thread Success Academy.

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About the Book

There are many theories about success – some good some not so good.

The Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams is a groundbreaking book about real people and their real stories, not just theory.

It features Academy Award and Grammy winners, Super Bowl and World Series champions, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame legends, best-selling authors, Olympians, boxing and UFC World Champions, and even billionaires.

The reader is invited to discover, explore and use this treasure trove of proven strategies, disciplines, methodology, insights, wisdom and perspective from people in the public eye who have proven themselves to be more than “one-hit wonders.”  These are lifelong learners, creators and achievers who have turned what could have been ordinary lives into extraordinary adventures.

The Common Thread of Overcoming Adversity and Living Your Dreams will become a tool and a guide to help keep the reader on track in the midst of challenging times, during the pursuit of their hopes, dreams and goals. And they will better understand that they have the ability to develop their own success code and the power to influence their own destiny.

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“After spending 12 years in the NFL dealing with a variety of personalities and characters while being named to 3 Pro Bowls, all NFL twice and 2 Super Bowl Championships, you learn how to play judge and jury. You learn in order to win championships one must dive into teamwork with both feet and lead with every ounce of energy.This is what Jerry Gladstone’s leadership skills speak to. The crew at The Common Thread Group are alike and I am quite certain working with them you are destined for success.”

Leonard Marshall
All Pro NFL and 2x Super Bowl Champion

“I have had not only the pleasure, but the absolute blessing of knowing Jerry Gladstone for the past 2 years. The very first time I saw him, his mere presence caught my attention, and drew me to want to get to know him. He had this incredibly strong, positive, and intensely driven energy about him. I knew there was something very special about him. Upon having the honor of being interviewed by Jerry for his book, ‘The Common Thread,’ I got the opportunity to get to know this incredible man on a much deeper and spiritual level.

Over the past two years I am grateful to say that our friendship has grown, and not only has Jerry been a friend to me, but has been a mentor, a teacher, a supporter, and my ‘go-to man’ whenever I needed guidance on many different aspects of the adversities life throws at you. Jerry offers a caring and fresh perspective on things, he opens his heart to your difficulties, and opens your mind to all the many solutions and possibilities that lie ahead for you. With a burning desire within him to achieve more in life, he sparks the inferno that lies within you to not only to achieve more, but to never be satisfied, and KNOW what you are truly capable of.”

Ann Marie Saccurato
Three-time WBC Boxing Lightweight World Champion

“The Common Thread Book is awesome! Jerry Gladstone shows how we all are meant for success.”

Gloria Gaynor
“The Queen of Disco”

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Sample Q&A

Success Guide: Interview with Jerry Gladstone